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Do you have a complex public problem that must be addressed?

Do you need to organize key stakeholders to be collaborative problem-solvers, policy makers and civic leaders?

Are you tired of “business as usual” approaches for engaging citizens?

What we do

At Deliberate Democracy we train aspiring civic leaders and citizens using innovative, proven approaches to civic leadership development and shared governance.

With Deliberate Democracy we create a new kind of civic imagination, mindset, and skillset that others have found inspiring, hopeful and effective. This is not a “one and done” kind of training, but rather provides coaching and support as you try to make a difference in your world.

Deliberate Democracy is here to help you on your personal quest to be an effective, just, and fair civic leader at a time when our democracy needs you most.

Civic Governance and Civic Leadership Training and Coaching

At Deliberate Democracy we provide training for those that wish to advance their civic leadership skills in the workplace,a congregation, or their business. This training introduces participants to the Civic Organizing© framework, a key training document for civic leaders and provides coaching for those leading change in their communities.

Active Citizenship Training

This 3-hour training session provides an overview of what it means to be an active citizen in a democracy, how to imagine yourself as a policy maker, leader, organizer or helper in your public and private lives. Learn about civic principles, civic standards and the skills needed to be an effective voice for change.

Civic Engagement Planning and Coaching

At Deliberate Democracy we have significant experience working with local government agencies to create more robust citizen involvement processes. We help to guide managers to the right tools and approaches that will fill their particular need, working within the realities of time, staffing and funding constraints.

Key Stakeholder Interviews

As a decision maker, there may be times when formal surveys don’t provide the kind of information or understanding you need around an issue. If you find yourself wanting to know more about what your key stakeholders and constituents think about a specific issue, Deliberate Democracy can help you to craft powerful questions, conduct one-one interviews and summarize and analyze results.

Project Management

Lynne Kolze of Deliberate Democracy has 32 years of experience managing complex, controversial public sector projects that require excellent organizational, communication, management, leadership, and collaboration skills.

Public Speaking

Lynne Kolze of Deliberate Democracy has significant experience speaking at conferences and other public meetings about the need for a new approach to governing. She will share experiences, stories and personal insights about innovations in civic life and the development of civic leaders and active citizens in Minnesota.

About Lynne Kolze

There is evidence all around us that a new approach is needed that can counter the collective sense of hopelessness many have about our democracy and civic lives. In my work with citizens and civic leaders, I delight in sharing my sense of renewed purpose, hope and  inspiration as I and others endeavor to do civic work in a new way.


Civic Governance and Civic Organizing brings problem-solving down to the local and grassroots levels, while not ignoring the important roles federal and state agencies play in public problem-solving.


Let’s be the best of who we are and can be—a nation of engaged, dedicated citizens committed to finding a middle ground –the common good.


Deliberate Democracy wants to encourage others to see themselves as change-makers, not passive citizens who simply consume government services or complain about the status quo. At Deliberate Democracy we are most inspired when we see leaders owning their power and stepping up to make a small difference in their community, neighborhood, or home. Democracy is an “inside job” that starts with each one of us.

I’ve known and worked with Lynne for over 10 years, and she brings both passion for reengaging the public in critical issues related to water conservation, and a tremendous ability to explain what this means, and to develop strategies to move forward

Sean Kershaw, Vice President Wilder Center for Communities

We have put together a management strategy for lakes, watersheds and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLS). The strategy first looks at water governance, community capacity, human dimension sciences for community assessment, as well as the standard biophysical sciences for assessing water resources. We are using the human dimension side of this work to drive successful implementation. I cannot thank you enough for leading us down this path, beginning with civicengagement and civic governance.

B. Sorge, Retired Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Working with Lynne Kolze, it became crystal clear that she is totally committed to bringing better public engagement to the citizens of Minnesota. Lynne views the role of the citizen as the cornerstone for better policy decisions for government agencies and critically important to sustaining democracy in America.

J. Haack, Retired University of Wisconsin Extension Service

STEM + C = Better Public Policy Outcomes

We hear a lot these days about “STEM” (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and why we need to inspire and graduate many more math and science students to keep our country competitive on a global stage. The good news is that there does appear to...

Business Can Contribute to a Healthy and More Just Democracy

Last week, I completed a class for small businesses, called Co.Starters. Classes took place in the beautiful James J. Hill Library in downtown St. Paul. The class was small enough to create the feeling of community, synergy, and collaboration – yet each student was...

That’s One Small Step…

Flying to the moon must have seemed utterly ludicrous when Kennedy made his initial pitch. But step by step, we achieved it — together. Name your moon shot. Find a small team. See what you can do to take your one small step. Humankind will thank you.

Deliberate Democracy is here to help you on your personal quest to be a fair, just, and effective civic leader at a time when our democracy needs you most.

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