Active Citizenship Training

3-hour training session

This 3-hour training Active Citizenship Training session provides an overview of what it means to be an active citizen in a democracy, how to imagine yourself as a policy maker, leader, organizer or helper in your public and private life. We will also discuss civic principles, standards and the kinds of  political skills needed to be effective in public life.

Groups of 2-12 citizens can be trained at one time. These smaller groups allow more time for reflection and discussion. This is a completely non-partisan approach to teaching active citizenship.

Some of us are born leaders. Some of us are reluctant leaders who would rather hide in the background, but care too much about an issue to wait for someone else to step up to the plate. And some of us simply want to help the leaders. An active citizen can be a leader or a helper. An active leader understands their role in a democracy is as a co-producer of justice and as a contributor to the common good. Active citizens have the capacity to know what is good, to grow in that knowledge and to be able to look beyond self-interest alone to what is also good for their neighbors, leaders, friends and communities. The common good is found in the tension between what is is good for the individual and what is good for the greater society. Active citizens grow enlightened self-interest by linking self to higher, transcendent civic principles.

Active Citizenship training introduces you to what it means to be an active citizen in a democracy. This includes thinking about how our individual decisions impact the welfare of others and about the need to develop our own capacity to govern for the common good among the diverse interests in a community.

This is a short, 3-hour introduction to active citizenship that can help citizens decide if they want to take the next step to leading change in their communities. Contact us to learn more.



Deliberate Democracy is here to help you on your personal quest to be a fair, just, and effective civic leader at a time when our democracy needs you most.

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