Take The First Step

Let’s talk about your needs. I would be happy to sit down with you or talk on the phone where I can get a better sense for what is possible given your particular circumstances. Let’s discuss the following as a starting place. From there, I can help you design a process and a strategy that fits your specific needs.

We will discuss as a starting point::

  1. What is working well for you as you engage the public in solving your public issue of concern?
  2. What are your aspirations for public engagement and collaborative decision making at the ground level?
  3. What are the things that are not working and what other engagement techniques have you used?
  4. What are your project goals and how can engagement help to improve outcomes?
  5. What is your time line? Budget? Personal philosophy about citizen engagement?  What is the philosophy of your organization?
  6. How do you need to evaluate progress and outcomes?

We will not create a “pie in the sky” process, but one that fits your ability to dedicate time, allows you to stay within your budget, meets the expectations of your board or managers,and which matches your experience and staffing levels.

If in our discussion, you determine that you have an aspiration to develop yourself as a civic leader, I can help to lead you on that journey. I don’t believe in the “one and done” approach to developing a skill of this depth and importance. I believe that consistent support and coaching is needed in order to achieve sustained changes in an organization’s existing “business model”.

Call me at 651-353-4539 and let’s explore how we can look at your work through a new civic lens. It can be rewarding and help you to address persistent problems in the public sector.

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