I’ve known and worked with Lynne for over 10 years, and she brings both passion for reengaging the public in critical issues related to water conservation, and a tremendous ability to explain what this means, and to develop strategies to move forward.

Sean Kershaw

Vice President, Wilder Center for Communities

I met Lynne Kolze about 7 years ago at a group facilitation and engagement training. She stood out among the other participants due to her confidence, humble leadership style, depth, breadth of knowledge and experience, wisdom, and ability to keenly listen to others. As I have gotten to know her over the years, she has consistently demonstrated these characteristics/abilities as well as many others.

Lynne is deeply committed to and passionate about empowering others to create a better future for themselves through active citizenship, whether it be around environmental issues such as water quality, creating and sustaining cultures where people can thrive, or problem solving to maximize the common good. As an Organization Development Consultant for 20+ years, I’ve been extremely impressed by the profound and comprehensive framework and approach Lynne employs as she helps others facilitate change. Change is difficult. Unlike many others, Lynne doesn’t make false promises about speed, commitment, impact and outcomes. If you want to create real, sustainable change and are seeking a passionate, deeply knowledgeable and competent facilitator/coach/consultant,  contact Lynne Kolze.

Carrie McCabe

Founder , Change By Design, LLC

Lynne’s passion for environmental sustainability is matched by her passion for civic development as the means for achieving it.  Years of working in the fields of environmental science, civic engagement, and then civic organizing, generated knowledge, respect for, and experience working within the complex economic, social, political dynamics surrounding the issue.  In addition to technical expertise, her generous spirit, tenaciousness, desire to learn from and support those she works with makes Lynne a most valuable colleague.

Peg Michels

Director, Civic Organizing, Inc.

“Throughout my evolution from a young professional into a civic-minded organizer, Lynne has been a touchstone and mentor for me in my watershed projects. Lynne’s knowledge and experience in water management has helped us be prepared to weather common challenges when bringing people together to find common ground by creating an environment fostering constructive dialogue and meaningful roles for everyone at the table.”

Jessica Nelson

Coordinator, LeSueur River Watershed Network

Lynne and I have worked together on water quality issues in several Minnesota watersheds for about ten years. Lynne brings an exceptionally wide range of knowledge and experience to the table and is a great pleasure to work with. Her commitment to civic engagement when assessing water quality has been paramount in every instance. Most water quality problems are preventable, and Lynne’s focus on human dimensions is key to creating solutions that engage local people. She works to strengthen the capacity of local people to manage water resources. Lynne is also committed to evaluating outcomes, to be sure that public investments are well spent. Lynne is one of the most capable and innovative people today working on environmental resources in Minnesota, if not the United States.

Dr. Karlyn Eckman

Senior Research Associate, University of Minnesota

We have put together a management strategy for lakes, watersheds and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLS). The strategy first looks at water governance, community capacity, human dimension sciences for community assessment, as well as the standard biophysical sciences for assessing water resources. We are using the human dimension side of this work to drive successful implementation. I cannot thank Lynne enough for leading us down this path, beginning with civic engagement and civic governance.

Buzz Sorge

Retired, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

For organizations and local units of government looking to engage their communities in an authentic way, look no further than Lynne Kolze.  Lynne’s expertise will serve you well for years to come!
Danette Olsen

Danette Olson McCarthy Consulting

I have known Lynne Kolze for 30 years both on a personal and professional level. From the very first time I met her she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to citizen engagement with compassion towards all sides of any issue. Over the years her passion for engaging the public in innovative and successful actions have resulted in positive outcomes for our natural environment and the people who are part of it. Lynne has personal qualities and experiences that few in her field of expertise possess. They have been developed from a long career inside government operations as well as from her extensive experience in the non-profit sector.

Scott Sparlin

Director, Coalition for a Clean Minnesota River

Every five years, Chisago County updates its Local Water Management Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to set County watershed priorities. Chisago County uses these priorities to obtain and use funding to protect, improve and conserve water resources. Chisago County chose to use civic engagement to help determine watershed priorities. Civic engagement was intended to model a new way of engaging citizens to inform the Water Plan. This was an opportunity to learn techniques, see public responses to these opportunities and to build civic capacity. Lynne Kolze was a valuable mentor and guide throughout the civic engagement process.

J. Spetzman

Administrator, Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District

Lynne is a careful listener who collects information and insights from diverse perspectives and has an amazing capacity to wade through the complexity, synthesize and frame things in ways that create clarity. She can bring people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds together working towards a common purpose and goals. At her core she is a strategic thinker and process designer that can help move initiatives and groups forward in compelling ways. She is a also a master teacher with a sensitivity to individual need, capacity and group dynamics.

Kimberly Musser

Associate Director, Water Resources Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato

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